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Looking for equipment solutions? Look no further

Industrial equipment & machines is one of the major business expenses, but choosing wisely will turn it into a good investment. Purchasing equipment is tailor-made; it must suit current and future needs, resources, and capabilities. And here is where we come in, with our knowledge, skills, global connections, and years of experience
Emanuel Ogdan Ltd.

If you are looking for Industrial Equipment, Manufacturing Lines or Lab Equipment –
We are the right place for you

Finding the exact Production Solutions is what we do

The world of Industrial Equipment, Manufacturing Lines, Machines, Auxiliary Equipment, and additional equipment in various industries, such as Plastic, Chemistry, Metals, and Food is our field of knowledge, where we successfully gained experience and worldwide connections. Our mission is to understand and identify your needs and find the exact, most effective, and economic solution suitable for you through our hands-on experience and global connections with leading world manufacturers.
We'll find your solution and leave you carefree to manage your business

Large Scale Projects
Lab Equipment
Process Control Equipment
Auxiliary Equipment
Heavy Duty Equipment
Our Services
מכונת ייצור פסטה
Solutions for manual
and automatic controlled process

Food Industry

Stainless Steel

If you are searching for Machinery, Manufacturing Lines or Lab Equipment, here is where your search ends – since consulting and managing equipment acquisitions is our profession for over 50 years.

Since the 1960's Ogdan Emanuel is a major player in mediating between the local industry and global machinery suppliers for the best and most efficient industrial machinery.  

As owners you know exactly what your business needs, but how do you find the right equipment? How do you start? How do you conduct a survey? Leave these questions to the professionals – Our job is to know, match and get back to you with the best results.  

Industrial machinery is our field of expertise, with years of hands-on experience and global networking, which we put to your service. We offer our full service so that you can keep doing what you know best: running your business with a free mind.

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