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The Israeli Industry –
A History of Success

Since 1960, Emanuel Ogdan Ltd. has been a leading pillar in connecting local businesses and prominent global manufacturers to find the best possible mechanical solutions to develop local industry

Our story begins back in the '60s of the 20th century when Emmanuel Ogdan established his first innovative and thrilling plastic sheet recycling factory in Israel. Following the success, he established yet another factory for watering systems. But as some stories go, the Israeli market went through great changes and new strategies were need to succeed. Hence during the '70s the company changed its course and business focus while leveraging on its global network, and became an official exclusive heavy machinery and industrial trader and distributor.  

Our deep hands-on knowledge of the Israeli market and the many changes the industry went through required flexibility and creativity to keep us relevant and successful. Reading the market tendencies made us identify the essential need of Israeli business for a mediator in acquisitions of industrial machines and manufacture lines, as well as service, maintenance all during the machine lifecycle. For the past four decades, this has become our field of expertise, and we take pride in leading the Israeli market as an importer, distributor, and service provider for heavy-duty machinery.

Some 30 years ago, under Isaac Ogdan's management, the company went through structural and strategic changes which led to focusing the business in Process Production and Raw-material processing, mainly in the fields of flexible packaging, compose-process, transportation, sorting, and Quality control. Yet our business maintains a multi-disciplinary knowledge and business activity, as we provide consultations, acquisition management, and full service of heavy machinery acquisition for all-scale businesses. 

Our years of experience and cumulative knowledge made us one of the leading Engineering Solutions Consulting firms in Israel. We are proud to represent the leading global manufacturers in process production, manufacturing lines, and heavy machinery in all major manufacturing fields and also lab equipment for the food, plastic, cables, print, packaging, and color industries. Among our suppliers are production machines, auxiliary machinery, control process machines, and lab and analysis equipment manufacturers. We are proud of our international business network, years-long hands-on experience, our professional expertise, and our ability to consult professionally in all fairness, flexibility, creativeness, and passion.  

We make it a point to be available 24-hours a day for our clients as part of our service. Though we deal mainly with industrial equipment, our door is always open for engineers, entrepreneurs, managers, and anyone looking for production solutions, heavy machinery, industrial solutions, and lab equipment.

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